Top 4 Reasons Why You Need an Explainer Video

Selling things online is not an easy job. One needs to go through the rigorous process of getting a website and make it visible in the search rankings after passing through the rigorous algorithms. Content has always been an integral part of this process and you need to post it in such a manner that it is appealing to the audience so as to generate traffic, leads and sales.

One type of content that is very effective in all this is explainer video. It tells about the particular product and service one offers and how it is helpful to the users. If you have not yet explored this medium of improving your marketing goals, then the following reasons will convince you to do so.

Generate More Leads 

Video use is not restricted to websites alone but can be used in social media accounts to promote brand and products and thus have an enhanced reach. A study indicates that 70% of internet users prefer watching a video if it’s appealing and engaging. This presents a huge potential for the companies that want to sell or spread awareness about their products and services.

Increases the Conversion Rate

The main focus is to increase the conversion rate in any online campaign. Keeping a tab on the traffic that an explainer video generates helps in identifying the right prospects. When you promote this video on multiple platforms and analyze the data generated, it gives you an insight into the number of visitors coming and from where they are coming. You can then make your future strategies based on this analysis.

Spreads the Message Effectively

Whatever the reason is for making the video – whether it’s for the promotion of a new product or service or explaining to the customers how to use the product – explainer videos are the best bet. These videos can explain to both your existing and potential customers how the particular product or service can be helpful to them. The viewers always get a better understanding of what you want to convey when it is explained visually than when it is explained through text. It is something similar to explaining a particular recipe in a video. Video is easy to grasp than going through the recipe in written format. If you add the testimonial at the end of the video, it makes it appear more genuine and relatable.

Boosts the Search Engine Rankings

The higher SERPs (Search Engine Response Pages) rankings are important for better visibility. Only if you have higher visibility, your target audience will be able to see and reach you. Unless you are visible, the whole exercise of uploading good and unique content goes waste. The search engine algorithms give more weightage to stuff that engages and appeals to the users and explainer videos are one such stuff. Simply having endless pages of dry stuff with all those hard-to-understand graphs and block text bores the users and turns them off. If the video is made in good quality with relevant and interesting stuff, it engages the attention of the users. This interest of users in your content is taken as a positive sign by the search engine algorithms, which then enhances the ranking of your website.

By now, you must have understood the importance of explainer videos. These are few of the many reasons to make an explainer video and make your audience understand the products or services you offer.


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