What’s Interesting About WhatsApp’s New Dictation Feature?

Isn’t it annoying to type out lengthy essays, if you’re having an online fight with your best friend? Definitely! It’s a pain to tap-and-tap continuously with our fingers throughout the day. But not to worry! Your wishes have been granted. WhatsApp has introduced a newbie feature and that is, presenting- WhatsApp dictation! This new characteristic allows any user to dictate their respective messages to their contacts, without having to type anything.

The dictation feature is the latest update on WhatsApp and has been made available for iOS and Android as well. Firstly, make it a point to install the latest version of WhatsApp and second of all do not break your head to use this new dictation feature, as it is an easy-peasy process. All you have to do is open your WhatsApp, choose the person’s contact who you would like to speak to, move over to the chat keyboard, click on the microphone icon and start dictating your message. Note that the mic option is placed differently on iPhone and Android. It is convenient for everybody to use this, irrespective of the age. It even helps you to add punctuations by just listening to your commands. After having dictated, you can check your message and send it to your contact, thereby saving your minutes of time. Apps find it tricky to turn your speech into text, so it’s advisable to stay in a quiet place and be clear with your speech. This feature will prove to be a saviour for so many and why shouldn’t it?

As we all know that this dictation feature already exists in Siri and Google Assistant, it’s a good thing that even Whatsapp adopted it, as it will reduce our time to type out an entire message during any emergencies. This will not only save our time but will also save our fingers from unnecessary stress.


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